[asterisk-dev] Easy packaging (Was unstable releases)

Joel Vandal jvandal at infoteck.qc.ca
Wed Jan 16 13:41:54 CST 2008


> Looking at the spec files it's a bit bold to claim that *you* have
> written the spec files since at least iaxmodem, mISDN and mISDNuser have
> been written by Laimbock Consulting, there is at least one spec file
> that has Axel Thimm from atrpms.net in it and some of them seem like
> they were written by Jeff C. Ollie.
> Wouldn't you agree that those that did the hard work deserve the credit?
Hmm, I agree that some file has been changed, but all original 
header/comment/author has been preserved. I will review .spec files and 
if I miss something, I will fix it.

I think we must continue in private before a moderator told us that this 
is not related to * development =)

Joel Vandal, CTO
ScopServ International, Inc.

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