[asterisk-dev] Easy packaging (Was unstable releases)

Joel Vandal jvandal at infoteck.qc.ca
Wed Jan 16 12:23:59 CST 2008

>>> 3) An automated "stock" packaging process that builds for as many
>>> platforms as we can accommodate without funky patching etc. scripts
>>> (hence #1).
>> Good packaging is highly distribution-specific. For isntance, what
>> init.d scripts do you use?
> As I said, it would take some work.  But this, I feel, should be done  
> regardless. Hence why I put some patches on mantis for adding the  
> ability to build RPMs from Asterisk, Zaptel and Addons, though I admit  
> they have fallen by the wayside over the holidays and I need to get  
> back to them and get them updated.  I am not saying we need to cover  
> every single distribution, but if we get a few of the major players  
> covered, and setup in such a way that it is generally package  
> friendly, then it would not be too difficult for people to submit  
> patches to add functionality to other distributions.
I already build RPMS packages for Asterisk, Asterisk Addons, Zaptel, 
Libpri, Wanpipe, etc for Fedora Core 3 to 7, RHEL4 (CentOS4), RHEL5 
(CentOS5) for both i386 and x86_64 archs.

I've write .spec file for all theses packages, use official packages 
(ex. Asterisk 1.4.17), no special patches (except small bugfixes from 
SVN branches, backport, etc), ok I change some script for our need like 
AST_USER to run as scopserv instead of asterisk users.

I use a single build server that have all distros installed in 'chroot' 
mode and using YAM to build all theses packages.

I'm also build some test packages (test build) of Asterisk SVN, I've 
write small shell script that update from SVN, create the TAR file and 
create the RPM automatically (on a nightly basis).

For kernel drivers like Zaptel and Wanpipe, I'm using DKMS, we provide 
dkms-zaptel (dkms-mISDN, dkms-wanpipe, etc) package that contain source 
and dkms automatically build/conpile  and install drivers for the proper 
kernel (and if you update kernel, packages will be automatically rebuild).

Currently all packages (including Source RPM and SPEC files) are 
available on http://mirrors.scopserv.com/ . As I've said, theses 
packages has been build for our "need" and included some dependencies 
for our software (ScopServ Telephony, Realtime Monitor, etc) so must not 
work on Non-ScopServ servers (except if you ignore dependencies).


Joel Vandal, CTO
ScopServ International, Inc.

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