[asterisk-dev] DNS queries blocking SIP calls?

Andrea Spadaccini a.spadaccini at mediatechnologies.it
Wed Nov 28 10:45:01 CST 2007

Hello everybody,
is it possible that sometimes SIP-2-SIP calls are blocked by unsuccessful DNS

I've put up a test environment, without Internet access, and I configured a
VoIP SIP line (sip.someprovider.com), whose name can't obviously be resolved.

Sometimes I notice that my test calls are like blocked: the CLI doesn't show
anything, and the they are released when a message regarding sip registration
appears: "chan_sip.c:5508 sip_reg_timeout:   -- Registration for [omissis]
timed ou, trying again (Attempt #X)".

I'm using Asterisk 1.2.24. Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance,

Dr. Andrea Spadaccini
Multimedia Technologies Institute - MTI S.r.l.
Web: www.x-voice.it - Tel: +39 (0) 95 7224945

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