[asterisk-dev] Where does zaptel get the callwaiting tone?

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at digium.com
Wed Nov 28 09:53:41 CST 2007

Stephen Davies wrote:

> I'm valiantly trying to change the call waiting tone on zaptel FXS
> lines.  It really seems that zaptel does not follow indications.conf.
> I even tried adjusting the zonedata.c in zaptel source and couldn't
> get the callwaiting tone to change.

Zaptel does not use indications.conf, because that is an Asterisk
configuration file :-) But you are correct, chan_zap does not use
indications.conf, it allows Zaptel to generate indication tones instead,
and Zaptel uses the tonezone data that is compiled into it.

> Is there an issue?  How do you change the call waiting tone then?

Based on my quick reading of zt_callwait in chan_zap.c, it appears that
the frequency and duration values of the callwaiting beep tone are
hardcoded in the source of chan_zap.

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