[asterisk-dev] AMI update in SVN trunk based on "moremanager" branch * Changes to the AMI API!

Johansson Olle E oej at edvina.net
Wed Nov 28 10:52:06 CST 2007


A while ago I created a branch based on 1.4 called "moremanager" to  
enhance the manager interface.
During that work we agreed on the changes that are now being  
integrated into trunk. This will mean that trunk
will start working differently for those of you using manager.

I've documented all the changes in a README, documentation that will  
be integrated too.

I encourage all AMI client developers to start using the  
"CoreSettings" command after connection.
If it doesn't work, your Asterisk is using some version of AMI 1.0.

If it does work, you get a report of Asterisk Version and AMI version.  
Whenever we change AMI
in the future, we will change the AMI version number so you can keep  
track of what you're
in communication with.

There are a lot of cleanups and changes to existing actions, some new  
actions and some
new events.

You can now also unload, load and reload modules by using the AMI.  
When a module is properly
loaded and configured, you will get a report so you can start  
interacting with it.

I will continue merging these changes over the next week or so. Any  
feedback is, as always,

Cheers from a dark and cold Sweden!

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