[asterisk-dev] Deprecate every '* reload' CLI command?

Eliel Sardanons eliel at eliel.com.ar
Tue Nov 27 10:39:34 CST 2007

We could start a janitor for creating a 'foo reload' and we could make
de 'module reload *.so' do a module unload; module load

On 11/27/07, Russell Bryant <russell at digium.com> wrote:
> Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> > I would be surprised if any module's 'reload' command actually did much
> > of anything different than 'module reload' for the same module does, but
> > as BJ points out there certainly is no reason that they have to provide
> > the same functionality.
> They better not do anything different.  :)  If they do, I would definitely
> consider it a bug.  That would be frustratingly inconsistent.
> > I think adding a 'voicemail reload' command is a fine idea.
> Well, I guess I agree that it is fine because it is a bit more user friendly
> than "module reload app_voicemail.so".  However, I don't think we can leave the
> conversation at that.
> The Asterisk CLI syntax got significantly switched around for Asterisk 1.4 for
> the sake of consistency.  This issue points to another area where the Asterisk
> CLI is not consistent.  We need to pick one way or the other and stick with it.
>  If people really like the idea of having individual reload CLI commands like
> "voicemail reload", then I say that we should:
> 1) Start a janitor project to go through the code base and implement "foo
> reload" CLI commands for _every_ module that implements a reload module callback
> function.
> 2) Mark the "module reload res_foo.so" syntax as deprecated and eventually
> completely remove it.  This syntax was always confusing to me when I started
> with Asterisk, because I thought it was equivalent to "module unload / module load".
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