[asterisk-dev] Deprecate every '* reload' CLI command?

Russell Bryant russell at digium.com
Tue Nov 27 10:24:34 CST 2007

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> I would be surprised if any module's 'reload' command actually did much
> of anything different than 'module reload' for the same module does, but
> as BJ points out there certainly is no reason that they have to provide
> the same functionality.

They better not do anything different.  :)  If they do, I would definitely
consider it a bug.  That would be frustratingly inconsistent.

> I think adding a 'voicemail reload' command is a fine idea.

Well, I guess I agree that it is fine because it is a bit more user friendly
than "module reload app_voicemail.so".  However, I don't think we can leave the
conversation at that.

The Asterisk CLI syntax got significantly switched around for Asterisk 1.4 for
the sake of consistency.  This issue points to another area where the Asterisk
CLI is not consistent.  We need to pick one way or the other and stick with it.
 If people really like the idea of having individual reload CLI commands like
"voicemail reload", then I say that we should:

1) Start a janitor project to go through the code base and implement "foo
reload" CLI commands for _every_ module that implements a reload module callback

2) Mark the "module reload res_foo.so" syntax as deprecated and eventually
completely remove it.  This syntax was always confusing to me when I started
with Asterisk, because I thought it was equivalent to "module unload / module load".

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