[asterisk-dev] Suppress "Hangup" manager event for called agent.

BJ Weschke bweschke at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 20:37:55 CST 2007

Alex Balashov wrote:
> Hi folks,
> There is behaviour in the Manager API I find strange.  If using it to 
> monitor queue activity, it seems that every 'timeout' period that an
> agent gets rung and fails to pick up, there is a "Hangup" event
> generated for the agent.
> Also, if the caller disconnects from the queue, there is a Hangup event
> generated for the called agent's phone(s) if the departure is in the
> middle of a ringing cycle.
> What is the implementational motivation behind this, and how to disable 
> this behaviour?  We are trying to implement logic for call pickup and
> call hangup generically throughout the system, and because no actual
> call pickup or hangup occurs (merely ringing) this is disrupting our 
> efforts.
> Thanks!
 You're seeing this as a byproduct of the functionality at play here. 
app_queue has to establish a channel to ring the queue member and 
whether or not that queue members has answered, when the channel is torn 
down, you're going to get a hangup event.

 If you want to see the actual actions driven by app_queue you'll want 
to take a look at the AgentCalled, AgentConnect, AgentComplete manager 
events with the eventwhencalled behavior enabled for the queue in 
queues.conf. There's also a RINGNOANSWER queue action that is logged, 
but it doesn't presently throw a manager event when it happens. This 
might be a nice addition if you're looking to monitor for these events 
via the manager.


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