[asterisk-dev] LUA in Asterisk. was [svn-commits] tilghman: trunk r88250 - in /trunk: ./ build_tools/ configs/ include/asterisk...

agx at linux.it agx at linux.it
Sun Nov 4 03:51:07 CST 2007

> That is very personal, subjective opinion, you know. I have strong
> experience with ANY language you named except for LUA. To be honest, I
> haven't ever heard about LUA before this patch.
Indeed because LUA is not exactly a programming language, its kind of a
script-language where you can call internal methods from your application
if it is a complex one.

For instance "World of Warcraft", a popular online videogame, use it for
almost everything and you can use LUA to customize every aspect of the
game (also to parse events and write BOTs).

Hope this explain easily what is LUA to you :)

Antonio Gallo

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