[asterisk-dev] LUA in Asterisk. was [svn-commits] tilghman: trunk r88250 - in /trunk: ./ build_tools/ configs/ include/asterisk...

Tzafrir Cohen tzafrir.cohen at xorcom.com
Sat Nov 3 17:30:16 CDT 2007

I looked at the added code and wondered how exactly it's supposed to
work. Or more specifically: when is code evaluated.

Does Asterisk include a lua interpreter?

It seems that lua needs to be used at dialplan loading time using #exec .
Are there any plans of making the lua support include the "compiler" as
well (like the current AEL code does)?

Can anybody spare a few words on why lua was used? I'm generally not
well-familiar with it so I wonder where it may be much more useful that
conventional Asterisk dialplan (and AEL) and also what are its
limitations and its overhead.

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