[asterisk-dev] Audohooks 1.4

Atis Lezdins atis at iq-labs.net
Thu Nov 1 10:03:21 CDT 2007

Leif Madsen wrote:
> As the name Audiohooks 1.4 implies, this is based on the 1.4 branch, and 
> not trunk.
> This is a branch that is using a backport of the Audiohooks stuff the 
> Joshua wrote for trunk, but has been applied to 1.4 in order to see if 
> it will fix a bunch of the ChanSpy and MixMonitor issues in 1.4.x.
> If you have an open bug re: either of these two applications, please try 
> this branch and see if it helps your issue, and report back whether it 
> does or not.

Yes, i got it that it's backport, but is there any way how can i got the
changes made.. The problem is that i can't use any version of 1.4, i
need 1.4.10.


> Thanks!
> Leif Madsen.
> Atis Lezdins wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I just got note in 0011059, asking to try audiohooks branch. As i
>> understand this is new toy that's supposed to go into trunk at some point.
>> I'm not willing to move to anything beyond 1.4.10 because of 0010923,
>> but could try audiohooks branch - if it's more stable than current chanspy.
>> So - is there any way how i can get some patches, or just checkout that
>> branch from point when 1.4.10 was released?
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