[asterisk-dev] Audohooks 1.4

Russell Bryant russell at digium.com
Thu Nov 1 10:47:39 CDT 2007

Atis Lezdins wrote:
> Yes, i got it that it's backport, but is there any way how can i got the
> changes made.. The problem is that i can't use any version of 1.4, i
> need 1.4.10.

The changes are pretty invasive.  That will not be easy to do.  However, you can
try ...

$ R=http://svn.digium.com/svn/asterisk
$ svn co $R/tags/1.4.10
$ cd 1.4.10
$ svn merge --ignore-ancestry $R/branches/1.4 $R/team/file/audiohooks-1.4

That will attempt to merge the differences between the 1.4 branch, and file's
audiohooks-1.4 branch, into your working copy of 1.4.10.

Russell Bryant
Senior Software Engineer
Open Source Team Lead
Digium, Inc.

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