[asterisk-dev] The New CDR system

zoachien at securax.org zoachien at securax.org
Fri Mar 30 16:41:07 MST 2007

Russell Bryant wrote:
> zoachien at securax.org wrote:
>> I guess you all think about getting it to another asterisk (while i 
>> am thinking to get it into some database with some IAX to DB 
>> conversion on the DB server)
> Well, the way I am thinking about this, absolutely no "conversion" 
> would be taking place within chan_iax2.  The raw event would just be 
> queued up into the core and then chan_iax2 would move on.  The amount 
> of processing would be roughly equivalent to that of queuing up a 
> single audio frame.  Meanwhile, in another thread, the event would be 
> dispatched to all of the local subscribers to that event type.  This 
> is where the actual logging to the database, writing to a file, or 
> whatever, would take place.
sounds a lot better already :)

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