[asterisk-dev] The New CDR system

zoachien at securax.org zoachien at securax.org
Fri Mar 30 17:27:50 MST 2007

zoachien at securax.org wrote:
> Russell Bryant wrote:
>> zoachien at securax.org wrote:
>>> I guess you all think about getting it to another asterisk (while i 
>>> am thinking to get it into some database with some IAX to DB 
>>> conversion on the DB server)
>> Well, the way I am thinking about this, absolutely no "conversion" 
>> would be taking place within chan_iax2.  The raw event would just be 
>> queued up into the core and then chan_iax2 would move on.  The amount 
>> of processing would be roughly equivalent to that of queuing up a 
>> single audio frame.  Meanwhile, in another thread, the event would be 
>> dispatched to all of the local subscribers to that event type.  This 
>> is where the actual logging to the database, writing to a file, or 
>> whatever, would take place.
> sounds a lot better already :)
> _______________________________________________

Another question,

The CDR packets might get pretty big, lets suppose you have a cluster of 
asterisk machines and for some reason (some switch broke down or so 
somewhere) you have a lot of dropped calls.
That means that you will have a lot of dropped calls at the same moment, 
so if all those Asterisk servers are going to send those big packets at 
the same time, wouldnt that cause the thread that actually is listening 
to that port to be too busy handling the voip packets that arrived after 
those packets. remember those voice packets need to be handled really 
really fast before it gets audible.

While if this would use a different socket with a different thread 
listening to it, there would be no problem.
As i said i am not a programmer, i don't know if you can multithread the 
actual packet reception too, so i might be talking complete rubbish 
again - my apologies in that case, im just trying to help)
It should be easy to test, by sending large crap UDP packets to asterisk 
for 20ms while there are some calls going on.


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