[asterisk-dev] 1.4 spanish sounds

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I think that anyone speak the Spanish in a specific form. All are correct 
but any of this form is purest than other. I use the spanish sound for Spain 
(castellano). I think that you must use the spanish sound for your country 
and not looking for the purest form, is a nonsence. Your spanish form is 
less correct than mine in Spain, and my spanish form is less correct than 
the spanish in colombia, argentina, etc, etc.

I think that this dialog isn't a asterisk question.

Bye :)

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>> >I have a neighbor who grew up in Colombia and he insists that
>> >Colombians speak the
>> >purest form of spanish - maybe having a Colombian do the recordings
>> >is the
>> >solution?
>> I don't think the colombian spoken spanish is the purest at all. Even
>> in Argentina they pronounce the "J" letter much differently from
>> chileans or people from Spain. It's better, and right, to ask a
>> person native from Spain to do that.
> Just for the record, TV Shows and Movies translations for Latin American
> are made in Mexico City. Why? IMHO it's not about purity, I think is
> about entonationless, modismless thing.
> Spanish guys like to have all in their own language with their own modism,
> (In the same way they like fichero for file rather than archivo, or 
> ordenador
> rather than computadora for computer..)
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