[asterisk-dev] Request of Vote on 5208 - Results: Fail; 5208 will be closed, no action taken

Jason Parker jparker at digium.com
Fri Mar 16 09:18:04 MST 2007

----- "Steve Murphy" <murf at digium.com> wrote:
> Well, I perceive the attitude at Digium is, that they'd 
> rather not blow $$$ or time on stuff that is not generally 
> useful to Asterisk users. There are more important, more 
> generally useful things that can be done. 
> It isn't really a vote on spending money, it's a vote to test the
> water
> and see how many users would like to see the stuff in Asterisk. If
> Digium
> didn't have any budget, it wouldn't spend the bucks, maybe even if a 
> thousand votes came in. (but if **that** many people were voting, 
> somebody would surely cough up some bucks and make it happen ;)
> It would be the exact same issue if I'd gone out and created a Paypal
> acct of my own, and threw some of my money into it, and maybe got
> lucky
> and had some other folks throw in a few bucks, too, for new sounds in
> Asterisk, and I wanted to see which suggestions/requests for sounds
> took
> highest priority...
> But your vote could make a difference! That makes it 4; and we would
> probably proceed if 5 or more came in... in this case, at least.
> -- 
> Steve Murphy
> Software Developer
> Digium

My vote doesn't really count, but here's my opinion - to perhaps spark some discussion on the matter.

I think anything that can be reasonably used in a URL would be useful.  Things like ":/?&" and probably "_%" would be at the top of my list, if they aren't already there.

Jason Parker

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