[asterisk-dev] Proposed Sound Acceptance Policy

Clod Patry cpatry at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 16:03:55 MST 2007

Hi Steve,
Is Digium willing to pay the 'extra-sounds' in french with June Wallack?
I could do the translation this time again.

On 3/13/07, Steve Murphy <murf at digium.com> wrote:
> In order to get sounds into the official tarball distributions,
> here is the requirements, as far as I can make out:
> 1. The scripts of the sounds are provided in English, in text format,
>    8859-1 format.
> 2. For sounds targeted to live in the "core" sounds, the sound scripts
>    should be translated into Spanish (es), and French (fr), and the
>    translations provided, in 8859-1 format.
> 3. The sound files for all 3 languages (if in core) should be provided
>    in  48 KHz wav format, buffered with a 50ms stretch of silence,
>    both at the beginning and end of the sound file. They also need to
>    be recorded by the "official" voices for Asterisk.
>    These are:
>    Allison Smith (English and Spanish), and June Wallack (French), for
>    consistency with the existing sounds. You can check
>      http://www.digium.com/en/products/voice/
>    for pricing, contact info, etc for these two recording stars.
> Report your request in Mantis as a bug. Core Asterisk, General category.
> Provide all the data as attachments to the bug. We'll try our best to
> work it in as soon as possible.
> Now, for the cost of things, Digium has generously, graciously, offered
> to handle any sounds that are accepted into the core of Asterisk. Digium
> will beg for translations from the community, and pay for the
> recordings. This will provide a measure of consistency with existing
> recordings.
> Measure of Consensus:
> With regards to sounds, and perhaps this might extend to other proposed
> additions and enhancements to Asterisk, if there is any question as to
> the usefulness or worth of a proposed addition to Asterisk, we as a
> community may request a vote on a proposal. To get accepted, a vote will
> be requested via the asterisk-dev mailing list, and if enough positive
> response is achieved, the addition will be queued for inclusion in
> Asterisk.
> Developer votes count more than general user votes. Those with a lot of
> Karma on the bug site, those with respect in the community, etc. If an
> enhancement cannot achieve support amongst the developers, it's dead.
> After all, it is they who will have to commit it to the repository, and
> support it from then on to some extent!
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Clod Patry
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