[asterisk-dev] Proposed Sound Acceptance Policy

Steve Murphy murf at digium.com
Tue Mar 13 15:54:55 MST 2007

In order to get sounds into the official tarball distributions,
here is the requirements, as far as I can make out:

1. The scripts of the sounds are provided in English, in text format,
   8859-1 format.
2. For sounds targeted to live in the "core" sounds, the sound scripts
   should be translated into Spanish (es), and French (fr), and the 
   translations provided, in 8859-1 format.
3. The sound files for all 3 languages (if in core) should be provided
   in  48 KHz wav format, buffered with a 50ms stretch of silence, 
   both at the beginning and end of the sound file. They also need to 
   be recorded by the "official" voices for Asterisk. 
   These are:
   Allison Smith (English and Spanish), and June Wallack (French), for
   consistency with the existing sounds. You can check 
   for pricing, contact info, etc for these two recording stars.

Report your request in Mantis as a bug. Core Asterisk, General category.
Provide all the data as attachments to the bug. We'll try our best to
work it in as soon as possible.

Now, for the cost of things, Digium has generously, graciously, offered
to handle any sounds that are accepted into the core of Asterisk. Digium
will beg for translations from the community, and pay for the
recordings. This will provide a measure of consistency with existing

Measure of Consensus: 

With regards to sounds, and perhaps this might extend to other proposed
additions and enhancements to Asterisk, if there is any question as to
the usefulness or worth of a proposed addition to Asterisk, we as a
community may request a vote on a proposal. To get accepted, a vote will
be requested via the asterisk-dev mailing list, and if enough positive
response is achieved, the addition will be queued for inclusion in

Developer votes count more than general user votes. Those with a lot of
Karma on the bug site, those with respect in the community, etc. If an
enhancement cannot achieve support amongst the developers, it's dead.
After all, it is they who will have to commit it to the repository, and
support it from then on to some extent!

Steve Murphy
Software Developer

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