[asterisk-dev] RTCP RTPQOS on two SIP bridged channels

Jonathan Creasy jcreasy at netlogic.net
Fri Jun 22 22:09:29 CDT 2007

If you want some summary audio qos information there is a "SetVariable" 
event which fires when the RTPAUDIOQOS variable is set at the end of the 

This might be useful for what you want.


Andrew Kohlsmith wrote:
> On Tuesday 29 May 2007 10:40 am, Martin Vít wrote:
>> There is funcionality in CHANNEL(rtpqos) where i can read qos statistics
>> at the end of a call and store it to CDR. But what is not possible is to
>> store both rtpqos at the end of two SIP bridged channels. Or is there
>> any way how to do it?
> I'm investigating emitting manager events for RTCP packets as they come in 
> per-channel.  You'd simply watch for these and insert them into a database 
> for later (or even realtime) analysis.
> Alternatively force all SIP traffic through a proxy that does this.
> -A.
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