[asterisk-dev] Thoughts on the messages dealing with temporary greetings

Bruce Reeves asterisk at nortex-networks.com
Fri Jun 22 09:48:02 CDT 2007

I like option 2, I have had similar problems with getting users "used" to
the temporary greeting setup.

On 6/22/07, Eric Caron <Eric.Caron at jobdig.com> wrote:
>  (This post is being sent as recommended by qwell in bug 9266)
> I'd love some feedback on this, to me this seems like a UI-design hangup,
> but I'm completely open to being told I'm wrong.
> I think Asterisk can do a better job in the handling of temporary
> greetings. My userbase (granted only ~60 people) has found the voicemail
> system's way of handling temporary greetings to be confusing. Once a
> temporary greeting is recorded, users want to delete it when it is not
> needed (obviously). The problem is that to get to the option to delete the
> temporary greeting (option 2), they have to choose "press 4 to record a
> temporary greeting" on the previous menu - not an obvious choice (similar to
> the whole "click Start to Shutdown" paradox, but even less obvious). By
> improving the menu options for this, I think Asterisk would reduce the time
> it takes for a new user to learn the system (and eliminate sysadmin's time
> to teach them things like this).
> Coming from the Jakob Nielsen school of thought, I can see two possible
> resolutions:
> 1) Change it from "press 4 to record" to "press 4 to manage temporary
> greeting"
> 2) move "press 2 to erase temporary greeting" to previous menu as option
> 5, only played if a temporary greeting exists.
> Personally, I think option 2 would be the best. I'd love some feedback.
> Thanks for your time!
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