[asterisk-dev] Thoughts on the messages dealing with temporary greetings

Jason Parker jparker at digium.com
Fri Jun 22 09:42:10 CDT 2007

> From: "Eric Caron" <Eric.Caron at jobdig.com> 
> (This post is being sent as recommended by qwell in bug 9266) 
> I’d love some feedback on this, to me this seems like a UI-design hangup, but I’m completely open to being told I’m wrong. 
> I think Asterisk can do a better job in the handling of temporary greetings. My userbase (granted only ~60 people) has found the voicemail system's way of handling temporary greetings to be confusing. Once a temporary greeting is recorded, users want to delete it when it is not needed (obviously). The problem is that to get to the option to delete the temporary greeting (option 2), they have to choose "press 4 to record a temporary greeting" on the previous menu - not an obvious choice (similar to the whole “click Start to Shutdown” paradox, but even less obvious). By improving the menu options for this, I think Asterisk would reduce the time it takes for a new user to learn the system (and eliminate sysadmin’s time to teach them things like this). 

> Coming from the Jakob Nielsen school of thought, I can see two possible resolutions: 
> 1) Change it from "press 4 to record" to "press 4 to manage temporary greeting" 
> 2) move "press 2 to erase temporary greeting" to previous menu as option 5, only played if a temporary greeting exists. 
> Personally, I think option 2 would be the best. I’d love some feedback. Thanks for your time! 
Option 1 seems to make more sense to me. If this is done, the same would need to be done for the other greetings as well. 

Jason Parker 
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