[asterisk-dev] ToDo for chan_skinny

Michiel van Baak michiel at vanbaak.info
Mon Jun 4 15:03:31 MST 2007

On 14:08, Mon 04 Jun 07, Dan Austin wrote:
> Pavel wrote:
> > when I tested keepalive patch with other phone types, 
> > I discovered, that:
> > ci$co 7961 (and probably all never models 7941, 7911, 7921): 
> > is not supported at all by chan_skinny, phone doesn't even 
> > register ci$co 7912: when call rings-in, "End call" softkey 
> > button is displayed, but doesn't working (firmware 8.0(3))
> The code lists the device types for the 7911, 7941 and 7961,
> so providing the numbers are correct they should work.  The 
> 7921 is not represented yet.
> If we can get a packet capture of the devices trying to register,
> we might be able to see why they are failing.  I have not yet
> purchase any of the new models yet, so I have no way to try to
> capture their registration attempts.

same here.
I want those new models, but a thinkpad is more urgent and
money can only be spent once.

Packet dumps will be a good second one right ?
Right now, thanks to my financial conditions I develop/test
stuff with a 7905G and 7960G.

The transfer/hold/CFA stuff is on my todo list.

If xen and vmware are playing nice I will be able to do
some some stuff after next week. In the mean time I'll just
keep the current patches up-to-date and test stuff that's
send to bugs.digium.com

Sorry I cant be of more help the next couple of weeks...


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