[asterisk-dev] make samples generated

Michiel van Baak michiel at vanbaak.info
Sat Dec 29 17:25:15 CST 2007

On 17:20, Sat 29 Dec 07, Marc Blanchet wrote:
> Hi,
>   while doing the port integration of Asterisk for Macosx, I  
> discovered that when Asterisk is not installed in the standard  
> directories, the sample configs are not updated accordingly.  
> Therefore, for example, the musiconhold.conf sample contains  
> directory=/var/lib/asterisk/moh , while the installed directory prefix  
> is /whatever, which means /whatever/lib/asterisk/moh. This creates  
> unnecessary warnings, specially for the first time users.
>   I'm bouncing the idea to replace the static configs in the samples  
> by the use of the Makefile variables and then to generate the right  
> conf files at the make samples time. Example:
> configs/musiconhold.conf.sample:
> ...
> directory=$(ASTVARLIBDIR)/moh
> then make samples will generate:
> musiconhold.conf
> ...
> directory=/var/lib/asterisk/moh
> or
> directory=/whatever/lib/asterisk/moh
> depending on the prefix defined during installation.
> side effect: the asterisk.conf file could then be generated the same  
> way.
> Make sense?

+1 from me


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