[asterisk-dev] AMI command for SIP Notify

Russell Bryant russell at digium.com
Wed Aug 22 10:22:42 CDT 2007

Olle E Johansson wrote:
> However, this is a syntax I've never seen for AMI. We really ned an  
> "attachment" for this
> or the ability to have multiple headers with the same name.  I can't  
> remember if we ever
> have that, don't think so. When sending, we would simply do a list.  
> At some point, it would
> be better to have peer groups and send a notify to the group.

I know that at least the Variable header is used multiple times in the same
event.  It triggered a bug report because that gets translated into multiple XML
attributes of the same name, which is invalid XML.


Russell Bryant
Software Engineer
Digium, Inc.

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