[asterisk-dev] AMI command for SIP Notify

Olle E Johansson olle at voop.com
Wed Aug 22 05:13:48 CDT 2007

22 aug 2007 kl. 09.34 skrev Igor A. Goncharovsky:

> Hello,
> In continue of work on bug 9896 I've decided to make manager  
> command for
> notifying SIP devices. It make possible to notify  big number of  
> devices
> at one time. I have write code, but want to describe new command in  
> -dev
> before submitting patch to tracker:
> Action: SIPnotify
> Notify: <notify-type>
> Peer: <sip-peer-name>
This syntax seems ok on a quick glance.

> or (for notify multiple devices):
> Action: SIPnotify
> Notify: <notify-type>
> Peers: 3
> <sip-peer-name-1>
> <sip-peer-name-2>
> <sip-peer-name-3>

However, this is a syntax I've never seen for AMI. We really ned an  
"attachment" for this
or the ability to have multiple headers with the same name.  I can't  
remember if we ever
have that, don't think so. When sending, we would simply do a list.  
At some point, it would
be better to have peer groups and send a notify to the group.

> But name "Peer" already in use. Should I use other name or  use  
> peer in
> format "Techology/Name"?
As this is a SIP specific peer, we might want to use SIPpeer, or even  


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