[asterisk-dev] Asterisk DTMF unreliable -- Vitelity--GoDaddy

sridhar sikha svsikha at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 13 22:00:42 CDT 2007

  I am getting fried by our customers due to unreliable DTMF we are getting.
  Our Asterisk in hostd by GoDaddy and our Tollfree number is terminated on Vitelity.
  Vitelity server and our Asterisk server are connected via Internet { :) }
  Not sure who the provide between these two guys. L3 or something. We have a welcome prompt and the user enters 4 digits or a * to get to admin menu.
  We are either getting 5 digits or 3 digits or jumbled 4 digits. This is intermittet.
  I think we have DTMF-auto. 
  My question 
  0) How can we get reliable DTMF
   1) Can we use TCP for SIP so we dont have retransmissions or errors and no data integrity of UDP, so the DTMF is reliable 
  3) IS their a provider out their who terminates Toll free and provides a asterisk server so our data does not has to traverse internet and may be helps us with DTMF.
  Any replies greatly apprecited, as I am getting killed by my customers who are remaining with us if they have not dropped.

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