[asterisk-dev] Beginner question - Opening project in kdevelop

Philipp Kempgen philipp.kempgen at amooma.de
Mon Apr 30 06:41:50 MST 2007

Thiago Paiva Flores wrote:

> Thanks for your help Philipp.
> I've tried to use that comando and I got the message:
> "Slackware is not currently supported, although an
> init script does exist for it. else echo We could not
> install init scripts for your distribution."
> After running for a while. Seems like the problem is
> with the last comand (make config).

make config makes Asterisk start after reboot. If it doesn't work
you probably need to find some other way to do that (rc / init /

> I'm usind slackware 11. I just installed to work with
> asterisk, so if this is really a problem with
> slackware I could use some other distribution...

Shouldn't be hard but I'm not familiar with slackware.
I'd recommend Debian because asterisk "just works" but
that doesn't mean you cannot use almost any other linux.

Please post any followup questions to the asterisk-users list
as the -dev list ist for development. Thanks.

Welcome to asterisk!

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