[asterisk-dev] Beginner question - Opening project in kdevelop

Thiago Paiva Flores tloginbh at yahoo.com.br
Mon Apr 30 07:54:16 MST 2007

Thanks again Philipp. I dont know if the user list
would be the best place since I'm trying to open
asterisk inside kdevelop to change some of the
but anyway, if you think I could get my anwers there
I'd be happy to singup in that list.
By the way, since I'm really a beginner here, if you
(or someone else) could tell me wich IDE are you using
(if you are using) and how do you debug the program in
a easy way. If there is some beginners guide for
developers I'd be happy to read it so I dont need send
to much easy questions here. I've read a lot of stuff
in the asterisk.org page, but nothing like a HOW TO
for me to open the project inside some IDE and start

thanks again for teh attention,

Thiago Paiva Flores

> Thiago Paiva Flores wrote:
> > Thanks for your help Philipp.
> > I've tried to use that comando and I got the
> message:
> > 
> > "Slackware is not currently supported, although an
> > init script does exist for it. else echo We could
> not
> > install init scripts for your distribution."
> > 
> > After running for a while. Seems like the problem
> is
> > with the last comand (make config).
> make config makes Asterisk start after reboot. If it
> doesn't work
> you probably need to find some other way to do that
> (rc / init /
> whatever).
> > I'm usind slackware 11. I just installed to work
> with
> > asterisk, so if this is really a problem with
> > slackware I could use some other distribution...
> Shouldn't be hard but I'm not familiar with
> slackware.
> I'd recommend Debian because asterisk "just works"
> but
> that doesn't mean you cannot use almost any other
> linux.
> Please post any followup questions to the
> asterisk-users list
> as the -dev list ist for development. Thanks.
> Welcome to asterisk!
> Regards,
>   Philipp
> -- 
> amooma GmbH - Bac

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