[asterisk-dev] ITU V.150.1 (also know as V.MOIP)

Zoa zoachien at securax.org
Tue Apr 3 07:17:37 MST 2007

Steve Underwood wrote:
> Zoa wrote:
>> Do you know any products that actually support v.150.1 ?
>> It's probably heavily patent encumbered and about a zillion times 
>> more work then to implement foip.
> I've seen mention of some, but I've never seen anything solid. 
Any ATA's that support it ?
> Its hard to imagine what could be novel enough to justify patents on 
> it, but who knows. The tricky thing is getting the timing right. T.38 
> works out to be relatively simple, because it works in pages which 
> don't last forever. MoIP does continue unbroken forever, and the 
> timing must be tweaked to make that work. If you have the modems, and 
> a solid T.38 implementation, I doubt it is that hard to build V.150.1 
> based upon them.
I was talking more about the complexity of the modems. (and the patents 
on those modems ?).
> Has anyone noticed that Commetrex have implemented T.38 over Skype? I 
> wonder how they do that? I assume they must have got the cooperation 
> of Skype to bypass the usual codecs and send T.38 packets instead.
> Steve
Does it also work with skype-out ?
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