[asterisk-dev] ITU V.150.1 (also know as V.MOIP)

Steve Underwood steveu at coppice.org
Tue Apr 3 08:19:48 MST 2007

Zoa wrote:
> Steve Underwood wrote:
>> Zoa wrote:
>>> Do you know any products that actually support v.150.1 ?
>>> It's probably heavily patent encumbered and about a zillion times 
>>> more work then to implement foip.
>> I've seen mention of some, but I've never seen anything solid. 
> Any ATA's that support it ?
I haven't seen one.
>> Its hard to imagine what could be novel enough to justify patents on 
>> it, but who knows. The tricky thing is getting the timing right. T.38 
>> works out to be relatively simple, because it works in pages which 
>> don't last forever. MoIP does continue unbroken forever, and the 
>> timing must be tweaked to make that work. If you have the modems, and 
>> a solid T.38 implementation, I doubt it is that hard to build V.150.1 
>> based upon them.
> I was talking more about the complexity of the modems. (and the 
> patents on those modems ?).
Ah, well, that's an interesting point. I can't see much demand for 
anything but POS modems these days. People have asked me about doing 
V.150.1, and its always in relation to POS. Those modems are old, and 
there are no patent issues when them.
>> Has anyone noticed that Commetrex have implemented T.38 over Skype? I 
>> wonder how they do that? I assume they must have got the cooperation 
>> of Skype to bypass the usual codecs and send T.38 packets instead.
>> Steve
> Does it also work with skype-out ?

The information I saw doesn't say. If it has been done with Skype's 
blessing, you might expect that to be available now or soon.


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