[asterisk-dev] Callfilles cause SVN-trunk to crash

Rich Adamson radamson at routers.com
Sun Feb 26 05:30:58 MST 2006

> I can't seem to catch it in the act to grab the details, but for the 
> past two or three weeks all the SVN-trunk versions I have built have 
> failed in exactly the same circumstances: an Asterisk-enabled network 
> monitor detects and outage, and spools several callfiles at once.
> The first one takes, and the phones start ringing.  But when I pick up 
> there's nobody home; Asterisk has crashed.
> I piddled around trying to simulate the condition by sending a slug of 
> callfiles, but so far can't make it happen when I want to.  It always 
> happens when I *don't* want it to, though :-)

Is it likely the cause for the "asterisk-enabled network monitor" is that
something is already failing, and placing one more call causes it to
crash totally?

Anything show up in the log files?

FWIW, running trunk here from Feb 20th with no issues, but this is a 
100% stock (no patches or extra modules) implementation on fc3.

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