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Totally agree. With VoIP, there are even more variables that you can't control, like the ISP that the one is connected to to make the E911 call.

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> >> Can you share here, or do you want 'Scoty' to beam me over for a 
> >> quick talk???
> > 
> > I'll jump in here with just one comment... think about the 
> return on 
> > investment in real business terms for the high availability 
> non-stop 
> > approach. Probably not justified in 99% of the cases.
> > 
> > Dropping the calls that are in flight is much closer to reality.
> And if that call is an E911 call? What then? 
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And what if the sun explodes!!! I understand the concern that everyone
has for this but, there can and will be failures of any kind. I have had
T1 circuits over 'SONET' fail because of a switch error on the Telco

I trust my hardware and systems more than I can trust others. There are
just too many variables for one person to control. I think a call drop
is acceptable once in a while. It is when I use my cell. The standard
there is "Sir, our technology uses wireless that is seceptable to
interference.....Etc. etc. etc."

Put good HW and a GOOD system in place to handle your outages, control
the things you can control, partner with good vendors that will provide
the service you expect and you should be fine 99.999% of the time. The
other .001% pray!!!

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