[asterisk-dev] IBM BladeServer / Clustered Linux

Senad Jordanovic senad at bicom.us
Tue Feb 14 17:54:49 MST 2006

>The issue can certainly become a case if
> you purposefully implement a system and represent that system as
> something different then what it really is. 

Yap, very true.

> Some amount of "due diligence" is necessary for services, and having
> that effort well documented would be considered a Good Thing.
>> That is what I was referring to in my previous post. Some lawyer out
>> there will find out that service provider did not
>> insure that all E911 calls are sent through no single point of
>> failure network and then use this information in the court of law.
> Most don't even "insure" that any call will go through. ;)
>> Some, will say... ISP, Inter-connect, Telco etc. networks could fail
>> as well before it gets to service provider network. Sure, but then
>> the blame is not on service providers any more once that fact is
>> discovered. The fact that service provider may be offering the
>> service over "third" party networks is another issue all together.
> Your logic doesn't make any sense whatsoever. "If" it did, there
> wouldn't be any PBX manufacturers (because a system might fail), etc,
> etc. 

I was not referring to PBX manufacturers. :)

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