[asterisk-dev] Call back functionality in libpri using QSig

Dinesh Nair dinesh at alphaque.com
Sun Feb 12 00:07:35 MST 2006

On 02/10/06 22:16 Alexander Lopez said the following:
> Does the Callback happen after a specifed time period or immediately. We

it should happen after a specified time period and retry for a specific 
number of times. i am not yet sure if infinite retries are required/supported.

> should be able to add a hook into libpri to trigger an external event
> such as creating a call file. It shouldn't be the final solution but
> should work for a POC.

which is exactly what i plan on doing for a PoC as well. this works for a 
callback requested from the other side. however for a callback requested 
from asterisk, i'd need to trap the DTMF and then send the appropriate IE 
facility message to the other side over the d-channel.

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