[asterisk-dev] Call back functionality in libpri using QSig

Alexander Lopez alex.lopez at opsys.com
Fri Feb 10 07:16:32 MST 2006


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> On 02/09/06 23:40 Matthew Fredrickson said the following:
> > Not that I've heard.  It'd be a nice feature to have, but I haven't 
> > read the spec yet to see how it works yet.
> from what i understand (and this is obviously very little), 
> when one PBX makes a call to a number on the other PBX, and 
> the user on the originating PBX requests a callback, a QSIG 
> IE message is sent to the terminating PBX which will then 
> attempt a callback between the terminating and originating numbers.
> from asterisk's view, we'd need to process these incoming IE 
> message when the other side requests a callback and to 
> generate these IEs when a user on the asterisk end requests a 
> callback.

Does the Callback happen after a specifed time period or immediately. We
should be able to add a hook into libpri to trigger an external event
such as creating a call file. It shouldn't be the final solution but
should work for a POC.

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