[asterisk-dev] Call back functionality in libpri using QSig

Paul Cadach paul at odt.east.telecom.kz
Sun Feb 12 02:38:43 MST 2006


Dinesh Nair wrote:
> On 02/10/06 22:16 Alexander Lopez said the following:
> > Does the Callback happen after a specifed time period or immediately. We
> it should happen after a specified time period and retry for a specific
> number of times. i am not yet sure if infinite retries are required/supported.

As I understand CCBS isn't callback in usual manner. It just sends a notification back to caller about called subscriber
is being free. No real callback is envolved. As pointed in Q.953.3, "The CCBS supplementary service enables a calling
user A, encountering a busy destination B, to be notified when the busy destination B becomes not-busy and to have the
service provider reinitiate the call to the specified destination B, if user A desires."


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