[asterisk-dev] NFAS Implementation Spanning Multiple Servers

Steve Totaro stotaro at totarotechnologies.com
Thu Feb 2 18:44:42 MST 2006

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> On Feb 2, 2006, at 5:04 PM, Steve Totaro wrote:
> > Hello Dev Folks,
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> > Recently I asked a question on the list about NFAS being able to
> > across multiple servers.  Kevin F said that this was something in
> > works and should show up very soon.
> >
> > I have a real need for this.  I have a T3 going into an Adtran
> > and then into seven asterisk boxes with quad T1 cards.  The way
> > are now, I need seven D channels to go PRI.
> Put two quad cards in each box?  4 D's for the entire CT3.
> 8 is the limit on how many T1's I've run w/o running into problems
> NFAS in the dialup world.  And that's with fewer CPS than voice
> will see.
> -Chris
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We considered this but with 1U boxes and a single card per box, even if
one server dies, the impact would be minimized.  4T1s instead of 8.

Besides, going from seven to four is not that much of a cost savings to
justify the redundancy issue of having separate boxes.

Steve Totaro

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