[Asterisk-Dev] Re: Pickup and Bristuff

Leon Yeh leon at newavenue.net
Tue Jun 21 09:12:03 MST 2005

So what is the difference builtin pickup and pickup from bristuff ?

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Vangelis Koukis wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 20, 2005 at 10:17:47pm -0500, asterisk-dev-request at lists.digium.com wrote:
>>From: Leon Yeh <leon at newavenue.net>
>>Subject: Re: [Asterisk-Dev] Pickup problem with SIP
>>To: Asterisk Developers Mailing List <asterisk-dev at lists.digium.com>
>>Hi Vangelis,
>>I think you got the older version of the bristuff, try to use latest 
>>version( bristuffed -0.2.0- RC8).
>>It compiled and worked well on my FC2 box. I have added additional code 
>>for steal to only steal if the channel was put on hold only. Let me know 
>>  if you need additional help.
> Hi Leon,
> thanks for your reply. I am using the builtin pickup capability of
> Asterisk, as implemented in res_features.c in the Asterisk source, and not
> the PickUp/PickDown/PickUpChan applications from bristuff. So, I think
> it's not important exactly what version of bristuff is compiled in, is that
> correct?

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