[Asterisk-Dev] Detecting the active queue agent...

Guilherme Lopes guilherme.lopes at fe.up.pt
Tue Jun 21 07:52:42 MST 2005


I need to know who's the agent that picks up a call in a queue, preferably in
real-time so I can invoke a script that sends info to the agent's PC. It
doesn't seem easy to do unless I use the info on asterisk's log file (using
swatch or something? is this possible?) ... is there any other way? Anyone?

NOTE: I've succesfully tried to use firefly as an IAX2 extension to make an URL
popup appear on the agent BUT only using Dial ... Queue doesn't seem to do the
same thing, even having a field for that purpose. Anyway, I would much prefer a
more 'neutral' solution in order to use whichever softphone  I choose.


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