[Asterisk-Dev] are there two buffer data need synchronization in zaptel.c?

dev2003 at 126.com dev2003 at 126.com
Tue Jun 21 06:21:46 MST 2005


from zaptel.h  ,I find double-buffered,and zt_transmit() sets the buffer  writechunk,
zt_receive()  set the buffer readchunk,

 do the two buffer data need  synchronization ?

   struct zt_chan {
	u_char *writechunk;						/* Actual place to write to */
	u_char swritechunk[ZT_MAX_CHUNKSIZE];	/* Buffer to be written */
	u_char *readchunk;						/* Actual place to read from */
	u_char sreadchunk[ZT_MAX_CHUNKSIZE];	/* Preallocated static area */

             from zaptel/tor2.c
			/* since the Tormenta 2 PCI is double-buffered, you
			   need to delay the transmit data 2 entire chunks so
			   that the transmit will be in sync with the receive */

        dev2003 at 126.com

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