[Asterisk-Dev] [sourceforge.net abuse] New JAVA application server for Asterisk - OrderlyCalls

Adam Megacz megacz at gcc.gnu.org
Tue Jun 21 00:04:55 MST 2005


Sourceforge.net is exclusively for hosting software whose licensing
terms meet the OSI's definition of Open Source:


Your licensing terms include the following, which is not compliant
with the OSI definition:

  Usage Restrictions

  In addition to the restrictions of the LGPL, the following
  restrictions apply: ...  OrderlyCalls may not be used to provide or
  augment call queuing without the prior written permission of Orderly

While I understand your motivation and empathize with the plight of
open-source business, unfortunately you must either:

  a) remove this restriction

            - or -

  b) remove your project from sourceforge.net

Please take action soon so that this matter does not need to be
escalated to the sourceforge.net admins.

  - a

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