[Asterisk-Dev] New JAVA application server for Asterisk - OrderlyCalls

Matt King m at orderlysoftware.com
Mon Jun 20 11:11:24 MST 2005


I'd like to announce our new Open Source Java integration component for 
Asterisk, OrderlyCalls.

OrderlyCalls contains support for the Manager protocol as well as 
FastAGI. OrderlyCalls takes a Named Service approach to providing 
telephony services to your Java applications, and is configured with a 
user-extensible XML file.

OrderlyCalls also offers native support for running inside J2EE Servlet 
Containers such as Tomcat, so you can easily add telephony functions to 
your web applications to provide integrated VOIP-HTML applications.

You can also extend the framework to develop your own services, and run 
them from inside OrderlyCalls.
OrderlyCalls includes several example applications, including a 
'playable demo' of Orderly Software's flagship service, OrderlyQ, an 
extension to Asterisk queues that allows your callers to hang up, then 
call back later without losing their place.

Future releases of OrderlyCalls will include support for other 
switches/PBX systems over the ECMA standard CSTA protocol. We're also 
planning to include a CSTA wrapper to allow Asterisk to be used
with CSTA-compliant systems and applications.

OrderlyCalls can be downloaded now from 
http://orderlycalls.sourceforge.net, and includes full documentation and 
installation instructions.

Thanks for reading,

Matt King, M.A. Oxon, Managing Director, Orderly Software Ltd.

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