[Asterisk-Dev] PBXfreeware.org Open for business! / JavaScript module for Asterisk Unveiled!

Brian West brian.west at mac.com
Mon Jun 20 11:23:06 MST 2005

June 20th, 2005

PBXfreeware.org Open for business!

Anthony Minessale II, CTO and implementer of Asterlink, has announced  
the grand opening of PBXfreeware.org, a new site designed to supply  
the open source PBX community with access to contributed open source  
applications. To kick start the release, Anthony has uploaded a few  
of his own popular open source modules for Asterisk namely res_perl,  
res_sqlite and app_valetparking as well as a brand new module just  
released today. "The site is not complete as far as my final vision  
is concerned but we decided it was important to get it up and running  
so we can set the code distribution process in motion.", Minessale  
remarked. Anthony is also hosting the upcoming ClueCon Open Source  
PBX Conference (http://www.cluecon.com). If you are unfamiliar with  
his work a list of his more popular Asterisk contributions can be  
found at http://www.cluecon.com/anthm.html

June 20th, 2005

JavaScript module for Asterisk Unveiled!

Anthony Minessale II, CTO and implementer of Asterlink and producer  
of the upcoming ClueCon Open Source PBX Conference (http:// 
www.cluecon.com) has announced the immediate availability of res_js,  
a JavaScript module for the Asterisk Open Source PBX. The module  
embeds a live JavaScript interpreter in the Asterisk server and makes  
it possible to execute .js files as IVR scripts the module comes with  
a large example script that showcases all of the Asterisk-specific  
usage. One of the most robust features allows you to white or black  
list application names, variable names and function calls in a  
special security mode that makes it possible to extend permission to  
the end user to manage his or her own IVR scripting and prevent abuse.

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