[Asterisk-Dev] #ifdef CONFIG_ZAPATA_PPP

Roger Smith rsmith at mac.com
Fri Jun 10 11:20:11 MST 2005

>On Fri, 2005-06-10 at 09:46 -0700, Roger Smith wrote:
>>  >Roger Smith schrieb:
>>  >
>>  >>Do most people compile the zaptel driver with #ifdef
>>  >>CONFIG_ZAPATA_PPP defined? I am trying to figure out if I need this
>>  >>in a port I am working on...
>>  >i do
>>  Could you elaborate on how you are using the PPP functionality 
>>*WITH* asterisk?
>The PPP functionality is only useful if you have a T1 circuit. All it
>helps accomplish is hooking up a PPP daemon to the virtual circuit to
>provide the equivalent of a ISDN PPP dial up.
>There is no modem functionality there and therefore it isn't useful for
>most dial up users(at least in the US).
>Also with the ability to add a .call file to the mix, you can make your
>PBX do dial out PPP connections.
>So now that you have been given the baby steps of what can and can't be
>done. You can use it for any reason you want to.
>I originally looked at it as our backup network access to/from a remote
>machine that had an Ascend pipline 75.
>Now for future reference, this really is a -user question and is best
>handled on the asterisk-users list
>Steven <critch at basesys.com>
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Thanks for the info steve, I'm working on a driver for MacOS X, so I 
am trying to remove the non essential portions of  zaptel.c to speed 
up the port.


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