[Asterisk-Dev] New Asterisk Manager Proxy -- astmanproxy 1.0

Chris A. Icide chris at netgeeks.net
Tue Jun 7 10:57:03 MST 2005


Nice work.  However, it would really be nice to have as an option, the 
ability to configure the system to connect up to several asterisk 
servers and be able to direct queries to each server.

So for example, Say I have three asterisk servers, A, B, and C.  and I 
want to issue a manager command to server B, I would send the command to 
the proxy, with an additional argument specifying it was for server B.  
The response I get back would also provide indication of which server is 
sending the message.

In very heavy traffic scenerios I could see having a configurable cache 
timeout system where you cache responses (possibly only certain types of 
responses) and if a second query comes in for same information, provide 
the info from the cache.  I could see in an evironment where you have a 
primary and backup network monitor which uses / watches manager output 
having a small (few-seconds) cache to prevent double queries in very 
short time.


David C. Troy wrote:

>> Thanks David,
>> We want to test this. There are a couple of questions:
>> 1) What set of manager permissions would you recommend for read and 
>> write ? (call,system,user etc)
> Doesn't really matter; use whatever permissions your application 
> needs, the proxy just passes stuff back and forth.
>> 2) Is there any way for the proxy to auto-restart if * dies comes 
>> back to life :)
> Yes, it does this automatically.  You should test it in your 
> environment to insure it's working.
> Let me know what you find...
> Thanks,
> Dave

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