[Asterisk-Dev] New Asterisk Manager Proxy -- astmanproxy 1.0

David C. Troy dave at popvox.com
Tue Jun 7 10:43:47 MST 2005

> Thanks David,
> We want to test this. There are a couple of questions:
> 1) What set of manager permissions would you recommend for read and write ? 
> (call,system,user etc)

Doesn't really matter; use whatever permissions your application needs, 
the proxy just passes stuff back and forth.

> 2) Is there any way for the proxy to auto-restart if * dies comes back to 
> life :)

Yes, it does this automatically.  You should test it in your environment 
to insure it's working.

Let me know what you find...


David C. Troy
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dave at popvox.com
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