[Asterisk-Dev] New Asterisk Manager Proxy -- astmanproxy 1.0

Asterisk asterisk at dotr.com
Tue Jun 7 10:28:12 MST 2005

Thanks David,

We want to test this. There are a couple of questions:

1) What set of manager permissions would you recommend for read and 
write ? (call,system,user etc)
2) Is there any way for the proxy to auto-restart if * dies comes back 
to life :)


David C. Troy wrote:

> Hi folks --
> For those of us trying to develop interactive web-based Asterisk 
> applications, it can be a challenge getting Asterisk integrated in a 
> cgi/mod_perl/php environment.  The load associated with making 
> multiple connections to asterisk via the manager port, having to teach 
> our applications to parse "manager-ese", and a variety of other 
> factors have all pointed to the need for a Manager Proxy.
> In September, as a proof-of-concept I released a first version of a 
> proxy called simpleproxy.pl, which has been widely deployed.  Wanting 
> to add in new features, such as XML output capability, I have released 
> a new and considerably richer multi-threaded/pthreads based proxy 
> called "astmanproxy".
> It is now available here:
> http://www.popvox.com/astmanproxy
> Please evaluate it and let me know your thoughts.  I will be 
> presenting this code at next week's Astricon in Madrid and would like 
> to gather some momentum in the developer and user community for adding 
> new features and enhancements to the code.
> Cheers,
> Dave

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