[Asterisk-Dev] New Asterisk Manager Proxy -- astmanproxy 1.0

David C. Troy dave at popvox.com
Tue Jun 7 08:49:33 MST 2005

Hi folks --

For those of us trying to develop interactive web-based Asterisk 
applications, it can be a challenge getting Asterisk integrated in a 
cgi/mod_perl/php environment.  The load associated with making multiple 
connections to asterisk via the manager port, having to teach our 
applications to parse "manager-ese", and a variety of other factors have 
all pointed to the need for a Manager Proxy.

In September, as a proof-of-concept I released a first version of a proxy 
called simpleproxy.pl, which has been widely deployed.  Wanting to add in 
new features, such as XML output capability, I have released a new and 
considerably richer multi-threaded/pthreads based proxy called 

It is now available here:

Please evaluate it and let me know your thoughts.  I will be presenting 
this code at next week's Astricon in Madrid and would like to gather some 
momentum in the developer and user community for adding new features and 
enhancements to the code.


David C. Troy
popvox, LLC
dave at popvox.com
Phone: +1-410-647-5812

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