[Asterisk-Dev] [Announce] Asterisk::LDAP initial release

snacktime snacktime at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 10:23:56 MST 2005

> RealTime *is* a bad idea.  Why would you tie your entire PBX's ability to run
> to a database?  If you want to keep everything in a database (a good idea)
> then do so, and generate the static configs whenever necessary and reload the
> appropriate module(s) intelligently, restarting the entire PBX when necessary
> (i.e. almost never).  If the DB falls down or if some doughhead screws up the
> data at least your PBX continues on without fail.

Realtime could still pull directly from a database but not be affected
by the database being down if it was designed just a bit differently.

For example,  have asterisk cache realtime databases in memory and
only reload them on demand.  With a simple manager command you could
tell asterisk to reload everything, a particular section, extension,
or whatever you want.  When you make a change to your database you
issue the manager command and asterisk updates only what has been
modified.  If for some reason asterisk can't access the database it
continues on.

This would solve a bunch of problems all at once, at the cost of
having to issue a manager command when a database change is made. 
Using a method like this they could also stick with just one schema
like the static database schema.


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