[Asterisk-Dev] [Announce] Asterisk::LDAP initial release

Andrew Kohlsmith akohlsmith-asterisk at benshaw.com
Mon Jun 6 10:41:34 MST 2005

On Monday 06 June 2005 13:23, snacktime wrote:
> Realtime could still pull directly from a database but not be affected
> by the database being down if it was designed just a bit differently.

Yes, but until someone does this it's a poor choice.  :-)

> For example,  have asterisk cache realtime databases in memory and
> only reload them on demand.  With a simple manager command you could
> tell asterisk to reload everything, a particular section, extension,
> or whatever you want.  When you make a change to your database you
> issue the manager command and asterisk updates only what has been
> modified.  If for some reason asterisk can't access the database it
> continues on.

Yes; essentially the reload commands just blow away the cached results.  
You're still adding to the humongous pile of code that asterisk is, but at 
least if your DB disappears you should be alright.


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